This course is an information plattform is for Incoming exchange students and "Buddies" (FH Wels student who volunteer to tutor incoming students). If you like become a Buddy and join this plattform, please send a short email to and!

Hier können Sie sich für das Auslandssemester anmelden. Außerdem finden Sie Erfahrungsberichte ehemaliger Outgoings sowie eine Reihe weiterer Informationen und Dokumente zum Thema Studium und Praktikum im Ausland.

Here you can sign up for a semester abroad. Besides, you will find the reports of previous Outgoings and further useful information for a semester abroad.

Connect with other students and staff members who are intersted in learning new or improving existing skills! Tandem learning is based on a mutual knowledge transfer and can happen in a very informal setting. You could for example teach someone how to cook your favorite dish while chatting in a language that you would like to improve.

Just insert what skill you are interested in learning/improving, leave your contact details and start exchanging! Enjoy! :)